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2002-08-12 07:39:18 (UTC)

I Love Living In Suburban Hell

finally got my own computer and internet set up in my room.
so as a result, it is four in the morning and i am
up...bullshitting online. i am upset with brett, for what i
believe to be valid reasons. they are as follows:

- we rarely ever get a chance to spend the night together.
this means literally about once every three months.

- not only that...but we rarely get to spend any alone time
PERIOD...this means about once every two or three weeks.

- my mother is away. my house is empty. he doesn't want to
spend the night because, (and i quote) "i never get to
sleep late anymore, but tomorrow i do, and i want to sleep
late in my own bed, not yours."

this, it seems to me, is a lame-ass excuse and probably a
cover-up for some underlying motive. i guess i just feel
like if i had an option between sleeping late in my own
bed, or sleeping late next to my boyfriend whom i love very
very much, i would pick the latter!! but that's just me.
i'm sure i'm somehow overreacting about something and that
i'll be over it by tomorrow morning. isn't that what always

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