It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-12 07:05:02 (UTC)

ricky was a young boy, he had a heart of stone

im not a big fan of 80's, metal/hair rock glam crap. but
that skid row song rules.
rich, jay, travis and i worked a show for the promoters
of IWR (www.pwrhotline.com) josh movado and his brother
bubba (justin). i worked with bubs when i worked at hot
hits like 3 years ago. there good guys. bubs thinks it's
cool that some little fat kid he used to work with is a
worker now. i was only in the battle royal with the boys,
but jay had a match, and i heard it was awful. i eliminated
travis, then rich, brawled a little with tenacious z,
(zach, the worlds only 1 legged wrestler, he's a really
good guy) before maynard chopped the hell outta me with CK3
(conrad kennedy the III). it was ok though, my chest is
just a lil red and pink, no purple bruises or broken blood
i talked to a bunch of really cool workrs too. truth
martini, anthony rivera, CK3, pyscrow, necro butcher, death
dealer tommy starr, brimstone, i tried to meet bryer
wellington and some of the other guys. i saw this weird
girl that was in my class last year, laura something. she's
laura phoenix and come out with this cool guy, stephan
ohhh yeah, me and just about all the other guys got
to go out and break up fights between tommy starr, necro
and brimstone. we were told it was just necro and death
dealer. the guys were holding tommy starr, and necro says
to me, "hey brother, tell him to get on the floor so i can
jump on him." they let go of tommy, and i grab him around
his chest, and whisper to him, "get on the floor so he can
jump on you" he says, "ok", breaks my hold and gets on the
floor. necro did the painful looking suicide dive of the
turnbuckle. then we bring tommy in the back, and since
their both "crazy" we pretend we're scared. necro gets back
in the ring, and we try to coax him with his boot and his
chain that he brings out. he makes the guys give them to
him, then death dealer comes back and canes a bunch of
guys. i don't wanna know how that feels, so booked ass
outta there. he caught rich twice and travis once.
brimstone came to the ring (no one knew about that)
so we didn't know what to do. that was brutal. hitting each
other with none folding chairs. ouch. death dealer cracked
rich for the 2nd time and stabbed me in the gut (he didn't
actually hit me) i help pick up rich, hopefully to create
some thoughts that we might be partners, so hopefully the
convenant will be alive and well in the IWR, and hopefully
ICW, IWF, TZW, GMW, GLW, GLAPW and whatever promotions are
out there. BCW, CALPW, OCW, OVW and that's all i can really
think of right now. PEACE OUT!


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