Messed Up
2002-08-12 05:28:01 (UTC)

A Little Back Ground

WEll id like to start this entry by introducing myself. Id
like to call myself Naive, because it best suits me. Im
19, from the east , but im living in the west. My life has
never been a bed of roses but its gotten so much worse
since i moved to the west. I left the east with my dad. He
moved to escape divorce and for a better job. I left to
escape myself. I was going crazy . My best friend was
killed in an auto accident last year and it almost killed
me too. I wasnt in the car , but i might as well been. If
you dont understand, forget it. So i left, ran away if you
wish. So i get here and spend 3 and a half monthes cramped
up in a one bedroom apartment with no friends or family ,
except my dad. But hes another session. When we went back
home for vacation i decided to stay . But my dad wasnt
having it. He MADE me come back with him. I cried the
whole 2000 mile drive. He cared not. Then we get back .
about three weeks later he decides hed rather me go home!
My guess is that his bitch of a girl friend had somthin to
do with it. But i decided to stay anyway. So he starts
bitchin about how much im costing him. My apartment ,
blah , blah. So i move into his company house and he moves
into my apartment. Well , when i arrive i meet Brandon and
Amanda , and Robert and Paula. They are the other couples
living in the company house. So they are all nice. It
seems Amanda is a recovering drug addict. m fine with all
that. So i get settled in. Then another Brandon comes to
live with us. We call him Little Brandon ( cuz hes
little) . So his girlfriend is Kara and she is pregnant
with his child , or so she says . Everyone thinks that the
baby belongs to her ex, whom she has another child with.
So he moves in while shes on vacation. Well i dont know if
it was hormones or what , but i develope a crush on him.
Not that he isnt cute , just not my type. So kara comes
back . She finds out im livin in the comp. house too. She
throws a fit and acusses lil brandon of sleepin with me.
Which he didnt by the way. So then that settles down and
she moves in here too. With her kid on some days when its
not pawned off on its grandma. So then Steve moves in. The
first time i saw him i knew there was gonna be trouble. He
is gorgeous. Everything a girl could ask for! Only one
problem .... hes married. Hes only 23, but ya know how it
goes. So he moves in and im jus counting the days till i
cant take it anymore. So , i dont really know what made me
brave enough to crawl onto his bed on night when we were
watching movies, but idid. It was him , me on one bed and
lil brandon and kara on another( the room is divded by
walls half way down . So nothin happened hes all like
whispering in my ear and shit , but i resisted. Damn. Well
ive written alot ,, so the soap apera gets better tomm. so
read on. On tomms show ,,,, The Fight Pt 1 , Me & Steve ,
and The Fight Pt 2 . Dont miss it !!