lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-08-12 05:13:15 (UTC)

ANOTHER psycho hose beast

LilCutiePi314: hey
Short and Shiny: hey
Short and Shiny: i'm just getting off...sorry
LilCutiePi314: get off and have your bro get on
LilCutiePi314: hehe
LilCutiePi314: jk
LilCutiePi314: kk...bye
Short and Shiny: well he'll get on in like 5 min ok?
LilCutiePi314: ok
LilCutiePi314: haha
LilCutiePi314: it was hard to talk to him tonight, cause
it was soo loud!
Short and Shiny: haha
LilCutiePi314: lindsey....
Short and Shiny: yes meggie?
LilCutiePi314: thank you very much
Short and Shiny: for letting you have my brother?
LilCutiePi314: haha, yeah that..but you don't get it just
forget it
Short and Shiny: oh deary deary. you like him a lot,
LilCutiePi314: DUH
LilCutiePi314: haha
Short and Shiny: are you guys gonna get married?
LilCutiePi314: of course, but actually i really hope so
LilCutiePi314: so ummm when r u planning on getting off
LilCutiePi314: jk
Short and Shiny: alright, i feel pretty darn used sometimes
LilCutiePi314: i'm just kidding calm down
LilCutiePi314: i love you!
Short and Shiny: uh huh, uh huh, sure
LilCutiePi314: yeah your right
LilCutiePi314: jk jk

"you know, wayne, if you're not careful, you're gonna
lose me!"