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2002-08-12 03:40:10 (UTC)


August 11, 2002

Just wondering how many people have a second journal so they
can discuss their other journal? Or a third journal to
discuss what they can't discuss in the second one?

Or a fourth journal because someone located their first
journal and now it's just plain uncomfortable to write open
and honestly in there?

As humans are, of course, there are those who believe it's
okay to judge, give unsolicited advice, or post rude messages
to the author of a diary/journal they happen to be reading.
While I thoroughly understand this, expect it somewhat, I
certainly don't have to like it!

Then, if I decide to respond and call the person on his/her
bad manners or poor communication skills, it would
automatically put me on the defense. One in this position can
never win! They only appear to be the antagonist. Where's the
peace in that, I ask you?

So, I located a journal site some time ago, and found it to
be extremely appealing. It was solid, simple, purest in
format. It was what it was.... and then the discovery of an
option which seemed a really good idea, and for the most
part, is such.

However, it is only what the users/posters make it. If the
users/posters are rude, arrogant, or exclusive then it
somehow seems to defeat its purpose.....

There's been incredible growth at one site, not only in
members, but the available options, as well. Personally, I
don't like all the bells & whistles! Certainly not on a
journal/diary/writing site, where content it everything.

I can understand and appreciate some simple visuals; in fact
I often enjoy shared photos.... makes it a tad more
interesting and complements the writing text.

Forget all the animations & MIDIs............. if I want to
see or participate, I can grab a beer, some peanuts, and go
net-surfing and find more entertainment than can be found in
Las Vegas, at CircusCircus!


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