2002-08-12 03:25:12 (UTC)


Today was a good day. Hung out at my Aunt's pool with the
whole family. Got burned though on my face but o well. I
was bascially in the pool all day with my lil cousin and my
sister. Me and my sister(Vicki) have actually been hangin
out a lot together lately. It's cool cuz I can tell her
stuff and she tells me bout her friends and about the
parties she goes too. Her friends are mad nice too. I just
hope when I go to college I stay close to my high school
friends. Then later tonight I went to the all star game
with Cassie and Rebecca. That was fun. I went to get my
trophy and jacket cuz our team won the tournament but I
ended up coming home with nothing!! Tennis camp starts
tomorrow but I'm kinda nervous so we'll have to see how
that goes. Well I'ma go to bed now