My piece of reality
2002-08-12 00:25:28 (UTC)

A new horizon

Well.... here we go again. Tomorrow begins the rituals of
school once again, but for the last time. After this year,
I will be on my own, able to decide if i feel like going to
class and knowing that no one will care if i don't show up.
Its kind of a scary thought actually. I'm too young to grow
This summer has been an interesting one. I've learned a lot
about myself and my friends. I've lost some friends, but
gained so much more than I could have asked for. The people
in my life, my friends and family both are amazing and I
love each and every one of them. There was one friendshipin
particular that taught me a lot and that was with Jasmine.
We were just no good as friends, we had some good times,
but it wasnt worth it to either of us. True, it ended on
bad terms, but out of that friendship came the relationship
I am in now. I probably would not have met John if it wasnt
for her, and i thank her for that. As many rocks as our
relationship has seen, we've made it over each one and come
out stronger for it. "Baby you're all that i want, when
you're lying here in my arms. I'm finding it hard to
believe we're in heaven."
I also gained another awesome friend. Dave. he was in my
anatomy class all last year and i always thought he was
hott, but never told him till after school was over, and
jasmine was talkin to him. she liked him as well. somehow,
a friendship began and i hung out with the kid all freakin
summer. we really have a lot in common and hes such a great
friend. our families are a lot alike so we can complain to
each other about how wierd our parents are and stuff. i can
tell him anything, and hes so much fun to talk to and be
around. we've had some rough spots, but its all worked out
for one of the best friends i've had in a while.
well, i should get going. big day tomorrow and all.
sweet dreams