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2001-07-11 04:58:08 (UTC)

HI!! my screwed^life

Hi...I guess maybe I should tell you a bit about
myself...well...Im a 13yr old female, born n raised in
cali, and I think my life is pretty bad...o by the way the
names Angelina.
~Lets start out wit some of the smaller probs. I am a very
confused individual. Ever since May Ive really liked this
one dude who liked me for like a year or whatever but I
never said anything cause 2 of my girls were sprung on were a couple and Im gettin some feelings
towards my ex. NOT A GOOD THING! I dont know who I want
now! and I dont know if I should break it off with him or
not! and oh god I am so scared of hurting him or
~God I think I might be INSANE! Literally! Ok so everyone
has liked some celebrity and maybe joked about loving them
and yeah sure youve heard of incidences where nutter butter
peeps have fantsy love relationships with them. But I never
ever thought Id think of it that way myself! I mean I feel
like i know "(*@$%"(lets keep who it is a secret mkay??)and
I think I love him! I even day dream I marry him and we
have kids and I get the life I really want! Ive never ever
felt this way about anyone and it doesnt help that theyre
hmm 9 years older than me! WHats my problem?! I mean whats
wrong with me!? WHY am I thinking this way!
~I know Im not fat....but I have certain parts that need
some toning ^. And I know if I keep eating like I do...I
will get fat but I cant stop it! I drink 2-3 sodas a day. I
eat when Im bored lonely tired nothing to do....all the
time. Its so amazingly unhealthy! BUT I CANT STOP!! I dont
wanna be fat...I wanna be like a model even though people
say thats so unhealthy...OH WELL THATS WHAT I WANT! Id
really love to actually BE a model but Im not very least I dont think so. OHH god and I am so flat
chested!! I hate it its not even funny!! Im like not even
an A and Im in high school! its not even funny! Its so

ANYWAYS I have a ton more to write but Im veryvery tired so
Ill add some more entries later! Hope this was interesting!
oh please send me helps sometimes! ttyal!!

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