My Life
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2002-08-11 20:32:32 (UTC)

Peace and Quiet

Today has been so relaxing. This is what living alone is
all about. I slept in, then woke up and started
downloading songs for some new CDs for our road trip. I
baked cookies (I needed to use the oven so that I can turn
in a report to my landlord about what works and what needs
to be fixed). I opened the windows and watched the
rain...and then I watched one of my favorite episodes of
Sex and the City. In a little while, I'm going to take a
bath...and then I'll do some work on the computer and go
over to the girls' apartment to watch Six Feet Under and
the new episode of Sex and the City.

I've put all the events of this weekend behind me, and I'm
ready for whatever next week has in store for me. I feel
like I'm almost ready for school to start.