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2002-08-11 19:35:31 (UTC)

my life

Justin announced that he wouldn't be online, or in
contact with any of his friends a couple of weeks ago. I
told rebe, because i was a little upset about it, and she
bet me 50cents that he would contact me- the bet
ended today. hahahaha - I got 50 cents. I haven't really
missed him at all. I'm actually more pissed off with him
then anything. Obviously i'm not over him, or i would be
writing about something else, but I'm almost there. I
don't think of him all the time. I don't rush home to
check my email, in fact I wasn't thinking of him at all
over the last few days, until this morning when i heard
one of his favorite songs. I guess it's good that he did
this, I'm finally getting on with my life.
Today Fran, Bek, and Marcel and I are going to San
Fran. I'm not sure what we are going to do- but I'm sure
we'll have fun !
Tomorrow I start my new job, so i'm a little nervous
about that, but not to much.
My Dad says we are definately going to the UK at
christmas ! yahoo !! and he will pay for half of my ticket.
Pretty good ! ;) So as soon as i get the ticket, i'm going
to call and write everyone i know over there, and
schedule days to see them. Especially Yaz, and Paul.
I even want to see Peter Davis ( a boy i had a crush on
for the longest time in primary school )
Steve and I are going to the Community market on
Wednesday, that should be fun.
hmmmmm.. what else has happened! nothing really. o'
yeah ! i've been on a fast for about a week. so far i have
lost 12lbs. only a few more to go. Very happy about that