road diva

Ethereal musings
2001-07-11 04:18:31 (UTC)

Long nights with no one awake

~*~It all just keeps getting better, doesn't it?~*~

So... here I am, starting yet another online diary. Maybe
I'll be able to keep up with this one... ??
Who am I kidding, it's pretty hopeless.
But typing is faster than writing, and writing can be found
by many others... but who am I kidding, so can this!

Who the hell cares though, anyways.

God damn. I'm really starting to get wrapped up in a lot
of crap. My ex-best friend *(which was confirmed as of
today)* is being a total psycho. Things have been weird
between us for, well, a very long time, and apparently
they've gotten really bad. I discovered an online journal
of hers, and in it was an entry all about me and what kind
of person I am. It was really upsetting just in the fact
that the stuff was pretty mean, but much more so in the
fact that absolutely none of it was true. And people we
know read her journal, I'm sure. And abso-fucking-lutely
none of it was true. No joke, none of it was. And she
knows it too, so it's not like she was just
presuming/assuming this stuff. Grar, it just makes me so
damn mad. It really funny though, because apparently she's
psycho, if she's coming up with all of this stuff. Because
it's not even slightly true, it comes from out of no
where. And she wouldn't be doing it to get back at me, she
actually thinks this stuff. Or, maybe she would, but I
didn't think so. But, oh well... I'm sure I'll be venting
about her later on.

It's just all so funny, the politics of it all... I love
all my troubles, I've started to think they're all really
funny. I just hope that's not my way of covering up how
emotional I really am.

But tomorrow, I'm going up to Taylor's Falls w/ my best
friend Kris, her boyfriend Peter and another one of my best
friends, Ryan (who is coincidentally going out with my ex-
best friend aforementioned). It should be tons of fun, and
I can't wait to drive my car a long distance, it'll be
training for my and Kris' road trip at the end of the
month. Which I am uber-excited for.

Jeez this is getting pretty long, and I should get some
sleep for tomorrow... but of course I still won't go to bed
for a while, of course : )

Love always, your biggest fan...