In Shaddy's Shadow
2001-07-11 04:03:41 (UTC)

No Time?

I'm soo Mad!..I went to Kevin's crib..Me and Kev walked
down to my boy Dereks..the first time D says to me
is "Guess who I chilled with yesterday after summa-school?"
I was like "Carl?" He goes "No, Vinnie" i almost fipped..I
was soo Mad!..V sits there & tells me that he soo busy &
that he's alwayz takin care of "Business"..but what is he
doin' chillin all the time, Now that's straight but Please
don't lie to me & try to make ME look stupid! now that's
FUCKED up! I'm NOT callin him but I can't wait till this
nigga calls me soo i can be like "Oh ya have FUN chillin'
with MY Boy Derek!!" I'm soo mad! but it's ok..Cuz I had
fun chillin with Derek & Carl today..I really wanna get
back with Carl! but i really feel that only person i need
to be with right now is Yvette (ME)..I really need to take
time off from all these bitch ass niggaz and just have some
time for me to chill, not care about where my man is and
who he's with, just time for me & not give a fuck about
anyone else but ME!..I love guys soooooooo Much but they
are REAL assholes sometime.O'well anywayz it's 12:04 and i
just got back from Kev's damn i need a Port and i'ma got to
bed soo

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