dargenhara's thoughts
2002-08-11 18:28:47 (UTC)


well, it has happened. dargenhara is under attack from
individuals who do not want to know who and why she is. i
guess i knew this would happen eventually because of the
nature of some people, but it is still a disappointment.

for the record, dargenhara is in NO WAY related to the
occult, satanism, spiritism or any other dark art.

she is the graphical representation of the creative
process; she is my way to explain the enigmatic to myself
and others.

for the record, here is what she symbolizes:
-her wings = creativity soaring
-her fish-like tail= how creativity often dives deep into
the psyche of the artist.
-the round orbs in her hands = the seed of creativity.

i am saddened deeply by this affront to her existence, but
know that people will always be quick to judge and point
fingers. it is the easy way out, i suppose, but still i
would have preferred the opportunity to express and
explain my thoughts on this matter.

mudslinging is unattractive as is malice. if anyone has
questions, just write to me and ASK.