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2001-07-11 03:32:58 (UTC)

July 10, 2001

Hey all. Ok, this is really confusing now so bear w/me. I
am still in the process of trying to get to know Gabe.
It's not working cuz I never get to see him, but I'm going
to Sheri's house tomorrow night so I will get to see him
then and on Thursday so that should be fun. Second, I have
been having weird dreams lately about a guy that I used to
like and they are very graphic dreams...very interesting
too. I was talkin to a friend about them and he thinks
that I still like this guy but my conscious won't let me
admit it and so I try to forget it by liking other guys. I
don't know, it's really weird. Third, a guy came over to
my house tonight. I was talkin to him last summer and we
had some fun times, but he was one of those guys who in my
previous entries I talked about as the "overprotective"
one. Bad idea. He just called me up and was talkin to me
and asked if he could come over and he did and we just sat
here and chilled, it was weird. He did smell really good
though, lol. Anyway, he has a girlfriend and I've known
his girlfriend for a really long time so I don't know why I
let him come over, I didn't want to spend time w/him and I
really don't care for him in that way-we are just friends
now but ever since we became friends again he tries to hook
up w/me and he always has a girlfriend and I'm like ok,
what's your problem? But oh well, he's not gonna make me
miserable way am I travelling down the road to
getting hurt again. Next time I'll see everything way
ahead of time so I can make my exit off the highway of
troubles. I'm not gonna let myself get hurt again. OH and another
thing, last night I had a really long and interesting conversation
w/my exboyfriend. That was a once in a lifetime thing-something I
would label under NEVER. WE were discussing how fun it is to be
single lol. Him and the "friend" who he cheated on me w/finally
broke up yesterday and he said it was a mutual feeling. That lasted
a helluva lot longer than I thought it would, but oh well. I really
enjoyed talking to him though, it was fun. Ok,
well I probably won't write any more for a few days cuz I'm
going to Sheri's and then this weekend I gotta work so I
will write as soon as I can. Peace easy.