still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-07-11 03:28:05 (UTC)


Well let me make this brief summary of what has
happened...Denis got fired last Tuesday...was really bummed
for a couple of days but he was an asshole to me anyways.
Pretty uch over it now...Now I can focus on work and I'm
going to start selling loans now!!! I can make sooo much
money...Have been reading up on Self Confidence and
Positive this book about PMA(positive mntal
attitude) It's actually helping...I need to set goals...I
mean I'm gonna be 28 in 1 month and what the hell am I
going to do...I live behind my mom's house in a granny flat
and I don't want to stay this way...I want to buy my own
home or condo eventually and I can make good money doing
what I I am staying focused and I am going to sell,
sell sell my ass off!!!!I really wish I had a significant
other but I really need to get my shit straightened out
first. Denis has never called what a shock that is
huh?lol...better off without him anyways..

the other night my ex beau Jason called me at 3 in the
morning and said he was on Ecstasy and would I come over to
his place and have a threesome with his girlfriend...She is
such a looney toon. She'll lick pussy just to make him
happy...she doesn't work..her job is to cook, clean and
kiss Jason's ass...he's so stoked..he said"She does
anything I tell her...that's what I love about her."
Whatever freak.Well I said no way in hell would I do that
and he kept calling so I had to take my phone off the
hook...then he shows up at my door telling me she's waiting
in the car and for me to come with them...HELL NO!!!
He left and I haven't heard from him since...No loss there,

So that's about it...just been hanging out with friends
(mainly Silvana) and smoking a lot of Chronic. Trying to
stay positive even though my hair is getting much much
worse..thinking maybe I should get back on Prozac but need
to wait to get insurance...Fuck I have been pulling like a
mad woman and I don't know why...when I'm rich I'll get
inmplants or some shit...oh yes..I will be rich.I have made
up my mind...within 3 years I'll own a home in Cardiff, Del
Mar, or somewhere near the beach. I'll have a new car and
it will either be a Porsche , a vette, or a big ass SUV to
haul all the toys I'll have such as a Jet Ski, Kayak,
mountain bike and boat...I also want to learn to play
guitar by then and would like to meet my future husband in
the next 2 years...That is MANDATORY.