My So Called Life
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2002-08-11 16:20:36 (UTC)

a major problem

right now i'm talking to this kid Cade online and he
reminded me of something. now let's see, that last
time i saw Cade i was sucking his dick in my front yard.
this got me to thinking about this guy Marco who's dick i
sucked on the floor or charmaine and my house. he
didn't cum and then AFTER tells me that he's only ever
cum once from getting head and not to worry about it. at
this point i don't know if this is a line or if it's true. now
that i really think about, i've come to this conclusion. if
you don;t cum from getting head you should tell the girl
up front because she's gonna doubt herself if you
don't. it's not fair to her. what is wrong with guys? they
don't think. why do they want head if they're not gonna
cum? i could have fucked him instead. i mean, wouldn't
that have been better? i just don't understand what
they're thinking.

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