Spyderman of this century

the story
2002-08-11 16:20:07 (UTC)

rough night

ok, so, last night i went out to this party at my friends,
cause hes suppose to be leavin for the marines tomorrow.
after last night though, im not so sure. it was a pretty
dam wild party. maybe 40 people there, out on his farm,
back where no one can see anything from the road. well,
they ended up making 4 beer runs, and i think the total 24
pack count ended up around 25. i didnt show up till about
11 o clock. which wasnt bad, becuase no one had really
drank that much yet. a BUNCH of kids i havent seen forever
were out there, and i spent about the first hour just
talking to old aquantinces. it was cool, but i was downin
beers right and left. i think i had a new beer in my had
atleast every 5 minutes. some girls from peoria showed up,
and i talked w/ them for a while, and drank some, ok, alot,
of there jagermeister. by 1 i was pretty well smashed.
then, some kids from a rival school showed up, and started
some shit. well, when im drunk, im jsut funny, until some
one pisses me off, then i get extremely violent. about 6 of
us guys decided to kick these 3 car loads of kids asses.
all i know, is that from what one of the girls there told
me, i bloodied 4 noses, gave 2 kids black eyes, and knocked
one kid out cold w/ a headbutt. needless to say we won.
well, about 3 minutes after the kids leave, my friend comes
out, geekin off 2 lumps of meth. plus the prolly dime bag
worth of weed he smoked, and all the booze. yeah, he has
his drug test before he leaves tomorrow. guess who prolly
wont make it. about 4 of us ended up makin it through the
night w. out passin out, and i was the only one who didnt
throw up. but after we got back from a run to mcdonalds,
for some morning munchies. the other 3 passed out. i was
the only one to make it the entire night concious. and
speaking of the run to mcdonalds, we were gonna take my
jeep, cause it was decent out, and i have the top and doors
off. well, turns out it was a lil chilly to be cruisin donw
the road, but the only other one of us awake that had a car
was also the only chick. so we pile into her car, and we
barely make it out of the driveway, and she almost careens
us off this 40 foot drop off into a creek. yeah, ends up
shes still drunk. so one of the other kids, who had maybe 2
beers the whole night drove her car. but yeah, anyways, it
was hellacouisly fun. every one at the party was amazed to
see me there, to alot of them, im kinda a legend from
highschool, my freshman and sophomore years i was always at
all the seniors partys, cause they loved me, i was a blast.
so i was never at the parties for the kids in my class and
below. everyone all night was like, "man, i cant believe im
drinking w/ eric mercer" it was awesome, so much fun, but
now i smell horrid, like beer, and smoke, and weed, and all
that good stuff. so im gonna go shower now. peace