the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-08-11 14:44:20 (UTC)

Planet Smashers

Yeah, so the Planet Smashers are a great band that I'd
heard of, but never actually heard. My new favorite song
is "Super Orgy Porno Party." When they were doing their
set -- first of all, they were last on the lineup -- the
show ended at 8, but their set started at 8, so most people
had left. Actually, everyone had left, save for the Planet
Smashers' fans and me and my friends, 'cuz we were meeting
up with one of the guys from SWN.

But, yeah, I'm still in awe of how amazing the smashers
were. I'm definitely gonna buy the CD "Life of the Party,"
I think it's called.

"Pizza man!
"Oh, I didn't order any pizza.
"Well someone's gotta eat it!"