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2002-08-11 13:47:10 (UTC)


The wasps are out in full force, annoying Shep as well as
me. We have an apple tree in the backyard. It's not very
big and I don't like the apples (transparent apples, only
good for making applesauce) and the tree is always loaded
with them. They start dropping at this time of year and
that attracts the wasps. It means having to get up early
every morning and picking up the apples on the ground
before the wasps are out and about. I wouldn't mind at all
if John cut that tree down. And I'm certain Shep wouldn't
mind either!
Everything is dry now. The rhododendron in the backyard was
drooping badly so it was given an extra dose of water. I
need to remember to water the blueberry bushes tomorrow
morning but before I do that I'll pick the berries as most
are ripe now.
There have been several reports in the newspaper lately
about hay trucks catching on fire because the drivers have
left the trucks running idle and the exhaust system heats up
and causes the hay to burst into flames. These are
spectacular fires too as these hay trucks are huge. It
worries me that the Mennonite farmer across the street is in
the habit of driving his hay truck home for lunch and leaves
it parked square in the middle of the street, with the
engine running!, while he goes in to eat. One of these days
I'm afraid it's going to burst into flames and all I can
say is that the street just isn't that wide and even though
the fire department is only two blocks away I don't think it
would help much.

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