My Life.............
2002-08-11 13:34:41 (UTC)


We were walking home lastnight, passed the bar, I never
even thought that Bobby would be there, because theres no
happy hour on saturday, and i thought he would be at the
races on saturday, well, anyway, we walked past the bar,
and i saw someone comming out of the door, it was bobby, so
i started walking across the road, after all he threatened
to hit me, and he said "hey, sweetheart!" and he was asking
why i didnt talk to him anymore, said its been months since
i called him, so i walked over, i couldnt believe it, it
was like he totally didnt remember what had happened, and i
said why didnt you call me, and his excuse was cause roy
doesnt like it and he didnt remember my number, (yea
right!!!) so, he told me to call him, and he wants to be
friends....im kind of wondering whats going on.LOL i mean
not to long ago he was ready to kill me, and i must admit
this is what i wanted, not a friendship though, ive loved
him for so long, but, on the other hand, i dont want a life
with a drunk, things would have to change, maybe i should
accept this, see where it goes, and i know alot of people
would be upset with me if i even started talking to Bobby
again, but, it is my life, i dont know what to do.:(