random mumblings
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2002-08-11 13:28:46 (UTC)

paul schafer is ironman?!

it was almost inevitable...i was over at kevin's pounding
back beers and he has this cable setup where he gets 4
hard rock channels and just rotates through them. so
yesterday, the video for ironman comes on and there's this
bald guy with glasses in the background in huge lights
(it's hard to describe...bear with me) and i think who is
that? ohmy god! it's paul schafer! so this changes my
whole world view...paul schafer is ironman!! sorry i had
to get that off my chest...also
3199-4561-854D-CF27C7387EA1} looks like the call center
is going to be closing. looks like craig is seriously
gonna have to find a new job


it's been seven hours and fifteen days
since you took your love away
i go out all night and sleep all day
since you took your love away

since you been gone i can do whatever i want
i can see whomever i want
i can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant
but nothing

i said nothing can take away these blues
cause nothing compares
nothing compares to you

it's been so lonely without you here
like a bird without a song
nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling
tell me baby where did i go wrong?

i could put my arms around every boy i see
but they would only remind me of you
i went to the doctor, guess what he told me
guess what he told me

he said girl you better have fun
no matter what you do
but he's a fool

cause nothing compares
nothing compares to you

all the flowers that you planted mama
in the backyard
all died when you went away

i know that living with you baby was something hard
but i'm willing to give it another try
cause nothing compares
nothing compares two you

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