The Daily Babble
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2001-07-11 03:02:31 (UTC)

Slowly getting better...

Granted I haven't written in a few days, not much has
really happened where I would want to write about anywayz!
But now that I think about it, I don't even really
remember the last time I wrote, so lets see...

Monday was just absolutely crazy. I mean, I don't think
I've been that stressed in a LOOONNNNNGGGG time. Nimra
was gone through out the day doing various things, so I had
patients for two doctors [and later 4] to take care of,
as well as phone calls, as well as train the new girl!
Files were missing, people were pissy, and it was just not
fun. Plus that evening, we [being me and Jeff] were
supposed to hang out with Merissa and Caryn...but then Jeff
emailed me and said that Merissa made plans already so he
was going to cancel with Caryn, so then I wasn't going to
go down either but I had just about had it myself.

So instead of leaving at 4:30 I left at 4:00 and just drove
down to Jeff's. Of course he knew I was coming...he thought
I was leaving earlier and called me on my way down so we
chatted for a lil bit and then I finally got to his house.
I was sooo soon as we got to his room, I just
plopped down on his futon ready to pass out! He just
laughed at me. But he was so good at making me feel
better....He stroked my hair and listened to me bitch...he
told me about his day...we made plans for the week...we ate
some of the food that I brought for him...talked to his
mom...watched some TV...just basically spent some really
good QT together with no strings attached and I left
feeling very happy and relaxed. So that was very good. We
talked that nite for a lil while and made plans for
Wednesday since I'm not 100% sure that I'll
talk to him tonite since he's supposed to hang out with

Oh on a sad note, I just remembered why I didn't write on
Sunday...that day we found out that my neighbor, Barbara
passed away!...It was really sad...I mean, she was old and
sick [she had cancer] but it was so hard on us cuz we've
known her since we moved we know her kids and
grandkids and she knows most of my family. Plus my mom
just told us the other day that Barbara was really sick
and that we should go see her...but I couldn't bring myself
to it because I remember seeing her happy and smiling...I
just couldn't bear going there and seeing her like a way I regret not going to see her before she
died, but at the same time, I'm kind of glad because in my
head I still see her as the sweet old lady next door whose
door was always open for us. She always had such kind
words of encouragement for me. Tomorrow is the wake so
I'm going to see if I can make it to that and at least
pay my respects. Now I'm really worried about her
husband...he's really sick too and the two were everything
to each other, so its going to be hard for him...Sigh....

Ok I'm going to change the subject to today now...
Of course I was the first person at work was
a little better because I had the other girl trained pretty
well and she was able to work downstairs and I was able to
get some work done at my desk which is very good! Now I'm
waiting for my own mail box at work [ooo] so I can set the
charts and everything up to how I want it. Apparently, I'm
basically responsible for Barbara and her sister [the two
new girls] and we might also have one more girl too. I
asked Jill's sister Crystal if she wanted a job but she
never got back to me so I don't know....Of course we had a
few issues with a certain patient calling like 200
times...a missing file and the usual dilemmas but not
really really bad so I was glad. The only problem with
this new girl is that she cannot file charts
for her life!...her logic is..."doesn't 1182 go after 1082?"
I asked why that would be and she said "well doesn't 11
come after 10?" Now how do you argue with that?! So
her filing was: 1082--1182--1083--1183--1084--1184, etc!
Hence the missing files, but I THINK I got it through to
her..I guess only time will tell.

I even got the chance to talk to Jeff on the phone today,
hehe. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow...I dunno if
I've mentioned it or not but we're going to the Statue of
Liberty! I know its silly but I haven't been there in ages
and he says he doesn't even know when he was there, so I
thought it would be nice and I hope it is..we're gonna do
that and then maybe some shopping and then we'll get
together Thursday too. I have to give him an answer by
Thursday about the fundraiser...I hope I can go to that
cuz I know he wants me there and I really want to go too,
plus everyone's expecting me to come and I miss
everyone! So cross your fingers for me people!

Well, I'm gonna get going, I've got a headache, eww.

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