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2002-08-11 07:16:17 (UTC)

ice melting in my glass

today i went to mollie's to work on our english homework
for the summer. we've worked things out and she forgave me
and has stopped talking total shit about me for fuckin with
her bf. she hated him anyway. hah. anyways....i surprised
myself with all my smart talk. lol...i knew more than i
thought i did. i helped her a whole bunch with the book and
finding allusions, characterization, conflict, and symbols.
also explaining the symbols and allusions to her. i can be
one smart cookie when it's called for i guess.
after that we watched super troopers. we laughed so hard
through most of it. it's good to be so easily amused. her
mom gave us some really fine wine. she told us "a fine wine
should be enjoyed and celebrated." her mom can be really
nice sometimes. it's weird...they are santarian (dunno
correct term...they're religion is santeria) and so they
always have this lovely atmosphere in their house. incense
and cigar smoke. it's very comforting and homely. her
oldest bro, sean, has become a druggie and alcoholic again
and her mom finally had enough and called the cops on him
today and he is now moving out. mollie is ecstatic. she
hates sean now. and he really has become an asshole.
since monday is our last whole day and night left of summer
vacation, me and my friends are supposedly going to do
something big. i don't know what. mollie wants it to
involve alcohol....sarah will prolly want to include weed
somewhere in there. sounds like a party i guess. too bad
our parties suck. we should just call them gatherings so
that you don't think it's required to be fun. hahaha. i
haven't seen bunny all summer. i talked to her on the phone
at mollie's i'll her monday. wh00t! she's so sweet.
i've suddenly been distracted by a pounding in the back of
my head. i lost all train of thought. bummer. i might of
actually had something cool to say. oh well.
you know what i hate? when i'll be talking to someone and
then have to go....and i'm left alone. and i especially
hate it when i'm talkin to someone online and have to go
cause i am gunna go to bed. i hate going to sleep alone. i
really hate it. i always wanna say "hey, here's my number,
call me so we can talk more" just so i don't have to be
alone. ugh. fucker monkeys. oh well.

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