My Life
2002-08-11 06:10:54 (UTC)

More Drama

Yes, the drama continues. So even though I felt that I
made the right decision about telling my parents that I was
going on the trip, it still ate away at me all night. Were
they really going to stay mad? For how long? Would it be
a constant argument? I was worried about all these

When I woke up today, I had to call home to get some info
from my mom in order to cancel my old internet service.
When I did that, everything was fine between us. I had
moved on, she seemed to have moved on. My dad was in the
background. My mom informed me that they had talked about
it some more and my dad decided that he was giving me $100
for the trip, but he didn't want to hear about me wanting
to go on any more trips "for the rest of college." I'm so
sure. So I told my mom that he didn't have to give me the
money. Of course, it would help some, but last night,
weren't we "broke" completely? Well he's insisting on the
whole money thing, so I just assumed that he had started,
at least, moving on.

I wasn't exactly right. Then there was this big ordeal
that involved my sister, him and I and going out to eat
with the rest of our family. To make a long story short,
he basically got really upset over something extremely
trivial and said that we weren't going to go. Fine by
me...I hadn't totally planned to do that tonight anyway.
But the thing is, if we didn't make an appearance, we would
have to explain to the other families why. So, everybody
was upset because my dad made a big deal over nothing just
because he was on edge already because he hadn't let go of
last night. DRAMA.

In the end, my sister ended up talking to him/yelling at
him...and he changed his mind, and I had to hurry up and
get ready so we could meet them. I think things are better

I guess I can finally get excited about the trip! I need
to start getting things together, finishing up stuff at
work and stuff. Well it's late, so I better get going for