Nicky's World
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2002-08-11 04:10:09 (UTC)


i went with my dad and my cusines swimming today it was
kinda fun. i love hanging out with my cusines but my dad
can get on my nerves sometimes.

i went to the movies with brandon last night. we saw the
movie signs. i thought the movie was good, i liked it. but
it was really cold in the theater i like froze to death.

i'm confused about brandon i don't know if he likes me or
if were just friends or what. i'm getting mixed signals
from him.

charie' is over. she's spending the night.

i went by crystals and saw brittani. she's crazy! all the
drugs have really messed up her brain. lol. she gave me
free play-doe how cool is that man. she gave me a free icy
too. and i gave her $1.38 tip in change. hehe

well school is starting soon(mon.) i don't think i'm
mentaly ready.

i'm going shopping for some new clothes tommorow. should be
fun. i love shopping.

well my internet keeps disconneting me so before i get
disconnected again i better get off. i can't wait until we
move cause were going to switch to cable internet. should
be better.

i'm out.

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