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2002-08-11 03:46:42 (UTC)

Stuff Thats Been Going On

Hey Everyone

Well, a lot of stuff has been going on. My dad has a new
job, I'm moving to FL next summer, and I think my
friendship with Roger going to be over soon.

My dad used to work at Chase(now called JP Morgan), its a
bank. He worked with computers a lot and made a whole bunch
of money. His job was moving to Texas and he didn't want to
go so we're still stuck in New Jersey. Now, my dad has a
new job. Its in Florida though. My dad is running his own
truck thing or whatever. He has people working for him and
bringing in loads to different states. On every on of those
stops to the states he makes a load of cash. Well, we do
live in NJ, but my dad needs to be closer to the
corporation which is in FL. Thats why we're moving. Hes
putting this house up for sale in December, by then we have
no clue in how much time its going to sell. We think its
going to sell during the summer, but it can sell during the
winter too. During my X-mas break I'm going to FL to check
out houses with my dad. We're also getting a new car, a
boat, and a condo near the beach. Sounds like I'm rich,
right? Guess again because I'm not.

Anyway.. Roger is my friend from the internet, we've never
met in person. The most we've seen of eachother are
pictures. I met him about a year ago in a chat that doesn't
exist anymore. It WAS called chatwithme. I've been talking
to him ever since and hes like one of my best friends. I'm
very fond of him and I like him a lot, more than a friend.
Yeah lol just a sad case of "Internet Love" I guess. Now,
he says theres a new girl where he works, her name is
Jessica..and he likes her A LOT. in every conversation we
have we talks about her. I don't want to hear about it, but
if makes him that happy, go ahead, he can chit-chat abotu
her all he wants. The thing is, she has a boyfriend. He
doesn't treat her very nicely from what I've heard. Roger
thinks hes being used in a way. So then I ask myself "If he
feels this way, why doesn't he forget about the chick?" I
guess its because he likes her too much and they've been
hanging out a lot. Oh well, If he goes out with her then so
let it be.. We'll just stop talking. I know it. Thats why
our friendship will come to an end.

Besides all that other good stuff, Jennifer is back from
FL. She was in florida for a couple weeks. She came to my
house with claudia to chill for a while. It was good seeing
her again because she's really funny. She has a bit of a
tan and mild sunburn. She also brought me back a keychain
from florida. That was very thoughtful of her. .. I'm
getting tired of typing so I'm going now. Goodnight and
keep reading my diary.

The time thing is a little screwed because its really 11:50pm right
now... :)

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