last in line

shattered memories
2002-08-11 03:43:34 (UTC)

or am i not living?

sometimes ... late at nite ... i wonder about what im
doing... if i could be happier... and about why i wonder
about these things..... perhaps this means im unhappy?
perhaps just that im wondering if others are having more
fun.. sometimes definitly yes.. but other times i wonder if
others have the assurance on things that i feel i have...

i often wonder if what i do... what i think and if what i
feel is like everyone else.. and i always catch myself
acting differently just to accomadate this feeling ..
whenever i do i change what im doing back to my normal
self... which is a quaility i admire of myself..

im pretty sure im living..
i hope so for the sake of those who have worse cases of
these genre of thoughts...

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