I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-08-11 03:27:36 (UTC)

Sex, guys, and the net

Okay. Well. I was listening to a friend and she was
talking about how people don't talk about how they meet
people on the internet. This is true. It seems so taboo.
Well, she went out and admitted hers, so I will too. *deep
breath* Here we go...

First was Brian. He lived in NM, and I live in FL. He was
28 at the time, and I was 20. He was my first boyfriend
ever. I had met him online when i was 17, and had been
talking (and only talking) to him until I was 20. Somehow,
our relationship grew to be a bit more, and I went out to
visit him. He was very nice, and I lost my virginity in
the snow on a mountain top. (I wanted the story. Go
figure.) Well, I stayed with him for about 5 days, and
then came back to FL. Then he came to visit me for my 21st
bday. We stayed in a hotel as I was visiting Orlando and
living in Tallahassee at the time. It was just weird, and
I realized that I was in love with the idea of being in
love. It fizzled, and I don't talk to him now.

Secondly was Ray. He lives a few towns over, and I went to
visit cause I was bored. I picked him up from his house,
and we got some drinks (it was a Sunday night, all the
bars were closed) and went to a dock and talked. We
kissed. He wanted me to spend the night, but I refused. A
few weeks later I went to his house and stayed the night.
Yeah. You figure that one out. Uh huh. He keeps intouch
with me, and decided that he loved me. He's just lonely.

Thirdly really isn't third cause I met him before Ray, but
he became my best friend. Chris. Yup. He came down to
visit me last month. It was amazing. I was afraid it would
be akward and that we'd ruin our friendship. But it
didn't. His visit strengthened it if anything.

So, out of the 4 people I've slept with, I met 3 of them
online. And it is embarassing kinda, but hey. I got lucky.
And I love Chris. But he lives in DC, and again, I live in FL. So,
there is no relationship. But if it's meant to be, then it will be,