The Basement
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2002-08-11 03:21:55 (UTC)


yea,finally i got around to getting off my lazy ass and
2 days ago my family took us camping. My sis brought along
her lil friend Abby and I took kelsy.
My mom was a bitch the whole way through. She kept on
critisizing kelsy on how she dresses and acts.
I mean fuk it, its not like kelsy can help it.
We stayed for 3 days and 2 nytes at Moses Lake.The first
night we just walked around looking for potheads cuz Kelsy
recieved 2 film bottles full of weed from her bf.So we were
walking around checking gurls out.The campsite sortof
sucked cuz it was this huge ass lake out in the middle of a
fukking desert.There barely werent any trees for godsake!
Anyhoo, there was a beach and on the far other end of the
campsite was a dock that sortof jutted out to the middle
of the lake.No banisters or anything to prevent ppl from
falling in just benches.We were all tryin to wrestle
eachother off the dock.On the waaayyy far end of the dock
was were small motorboats can be parked. That night we went
out for a walk and we ended up at the dock where it was all
lighted up like a fukking christmas tree.
At the end where the boats where parked there werent any
lights.We walked there and ended up meeting some high
schooler,seniors or something, camping out on the
boats.There were two boats parked side by side and we ended
up goin on one of the boats named 'Freedom' and taking a
seat next to 3 gangsters,2 punks, and 4 just normal
We were getting high and drunk until 12 in the morning.
They wanted me and kelsy to kiss and they said they will
too if we do it first.
yea yea i kno, that American Pie 2 thing.
My mom was pissed when we got back to the cabin thingy
becuz we didn't tell her where we were going.WTF?! there
was only 3 places we could go.
1= is the dock
2=is the beach
3= is the crumby excuse for a playground.
WHERE ELSE COULD WE'VE GONE?! the damn campsite by itself
is only the size of my neighborhood!!
We wanted to sleep in the back of my uncle joes truck but
my dad already got dibs so we slept on the floor in
the 'living room' next to my mom and uncle joe who were on
the couches.
The next morning we rented a boat with my lil annoyin sis
and her friend.We saw one of the guys from last night on
his boat and waved hi.He had a crush on kelsy.That night we
went to the dock again after tryin to catch some fish.
All i caught was a cold.Kelsy was all flirtin with him and
she couldn't find her second bottle of weed so we just
bumbed a cigarrett and got us some Mikes Hard Lemonade.
Then that guy took out some raving keychains and took out a
black light while turning up his cd player to trance
musik.Me and kelsy where all teachin this gurl named
Courtney how to rave in the other boat.
We also went tubing that day.heh heh....wet...err...*ahem*
That night we got the bed...NUTHIN HAPPENED!! err....i
wished somethin happened though... ::sigh::
Next day we are gettin ready to go home.We walked to the
dock,I wanted to get breakfast so she sat at the dock and
waited for me.I got breakfast but my mom made me vaccuum
the place and clean up so we can go. Kelsy fell asleep at
the dock.My mom was bitchin how kelsy didn't help and isn't
We got to sit in the back of the truck on the way home.It
was really squishy and hot back there.We were both sweatin
and we fell asleep with our legs tangled up and holding
each other.
hhmmm...she's online right now.She invited me to spend the
week with her and her parents up at their cabin.KOOL!!
now if only i can get myh mom to let me go...
We just had a fight over that.She doesn't want me to go but
I want to go.I tihnk she's pissed cuz she just left the
As I said already I'm talkin to her right now.

Nikki50ski: you know i love you and that i want you
Nikki50ski: lol
Nikki50ski: joking
Artmastersun: o_o
Artmastersun: I'm currently in a fight with my mom over
that right now
Artmastersun: I wonder where she went....
Nikki50ski: over what?
Artmastersun: hmmm....
Nikki50ski: lol
Artmastersun: she's being all paranoid and bein a bitch
Nikki50ski: i feel like some kick ass hard A
Nikki50ski: what is she paranoid about?
Artmastersun: dunno
Artmastersun: she thinx u'll corrupt meeh
Nikki50ski: o i am going to currupt her innocent daughter
Artmastersun: lolz
Nikki50ski: innocent MY ASS
Artmastersun: .......
Artmastersun: thank u
Nikki50ski: you corruped me you bitch
Nikki50ski: i owne you!
Artmastersun: how da hell did i corrupt u?
Nikki50ski: biatch!!!! i own you!
Artmastersun: I'm still innocent bitch! 0:-)
Nikki50ski: innocent my ass ( )( )
Artmastersun: okay......
Artmastersun: k...
Nikki50ski:well i got to get off the me!!!
Nikki50ski: okie dokie
Nikki50ski: buh bye
Artmastersun: k
Artmastersun: bai
Nikki50ski: bi.... ~.^

yea and dats its.So i'm gonna call her....maybe.I still
hafta get my dad to agree to let me go cuz my mom told me
she is a definite no.So k baiz now.


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