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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-12 05:02:47 (UTC)

Today was a fun day after..

Today was a fun day after school was over. The school day
seemed to last forever. It just wouldn't end! Now its 5
minutes to Friday and I'm happy as hell. I got alot done
today when I got home because I had no homework. I played
guitar for a while trying to find some good riffs for songs
and did not find any. Then I started playing my bro's bass
and whipped out like 4 bass lines in 10 minutes. The bass
parts were really simple but it just surprised me how I
couldn't get a single guitar riff but in 10 minutes I
already had 4 bass lines. Then I started playing around
with my guitar and his bass with the 2 distortion pedals.
They sounded pretty cool. Then I gave up on that for a
while and I came in here and went online and did alot of
nothing for a while.. talked to Keith about music and 'The
Janitors' (his band). Then I got REALLY bored again about
a half hour ago so I shut the computer down after it froze
and I gave up on trying to save it and I went into my room
and picked up my guitar and sat down infront of the Real
World / Road Rules Extreme Challenge and made up a pretty
cool guitar riff in about 5 minutes. That took me totally
by surprise considering I couldn't come up with 1 in about
an hour. Maybe its because no one is watching me? Who

Today at school was boring. I slashed some girls arm who
will remain unnamed with a Soda Can tab because shes a
bigggg bitch to me ALOTTTT of the time... I have a mark on
my arm from her... now shes got a mark (or two) on her arm
from me.

Thats all that really happened today and Tomorrow I have to
baby sit all night long... how... fun? well anyway. i'm
goin to bed now because I'm maddd tired... what a long day!

Adios Muchachos!

~ Matt