the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-08-11 02:27:09 (UTC)

Warped Tour

Oh. My. God. Let me just say that:

1) David from Simple Plan is SO MUCH HOTTER in person
2) James from Sewing with Nancy is the nicest guy I've ever
3) Planet Smashers ROCK
4) The guys from Bottom Line definitely appreciate the fans
5) Andrew from Something Corporate is way appreciative of
the fans
6) David from Simple Plan (hehe yes, again) is so sweet

The concert was amazing. James (from SWN) was trying to get
us into the all-band-bbq after the concert, and he was
walking around talking to the guy who was running it, and
the guy that was in charge said that at any other date, we
could, but here, we couldn't cuz it wasn't concert
security -- it was nypd. fuckin sucks for us. but we were
talking, and he was like "oh yeah, i'll e-mail u guys next
time we're in the ny area"and we were telling him what to
go see and shit like that. i told him what soho, noho and
tribeca stood for and he was like "whaaa...??"

I'm too much on a high right now to talk. In brief: Concert
was amazing. Simple Plan's set was fantastic. Same with
SoCo. New Found Glory could've been a lot better. Bottom
Line had so much stage presence.

I bought a shirt, got a shirt for free (truth), got two
patches and so many stickers and pins. I took pics with
James (SWN) and David (SimpPlan), and walked around the
field with James.

My friend passed out during NFG, so we took her to the
First Aid area, and she's in the hospital right now. I
really hope they got her breathing on her own by now.

That's it -- I've gotta go shower, which will take about an
hour. Then bed.


everyone go d/l "Heaven is a Halfpipe" by OPM