2002-08-11 02:22:52 (UTC)

Bad bad day as usual.

Well... the papa roach thing is done. Ended yesterday....
so did my good time with Sean and Justin. I'm so pissed at
myself for hurting Justin. I told his friend Sean to tell
him that. I just like Sean more. He's more my type and
everything. I'm probably just obessesing... but I really do
like him. Me and him have a lot in common. I'm just gonna
keep emailing him and talking to him through that and so
on. Who knows... might be something there, then again...
maybe not. He does like my friend though so that lessen the
chance of it all for me. I told him she doesn't like him,
and that's the truth. She told me that he's too touchy.
Me... I happen to like that type of stuff. Makes me feel
safe. He's a little taller than me but not much, and he has
green eyes (WHICH I WANT BADLY IN A GUY) and is pretty
muscular. He reminds me of my friend Ant. Lol they both are
the same person almost. Both have done pot, (sean once but
never again), "short" and muscular, funny, nice and yea.
Hardly ever find a nice guy like that. And to think I have
to move. Well! I Guess I'm lucky to get to be in the same
town with them for one week next week. So I'll be able to
see him. But Justin.......... -.- not so great... I gotta
write him an email soon. Hopefully it'll come out right.


P.S. I had dayshvoo (sp) again like a bitch yesterday. I think I
might have found my "power". They're starting to become more and more
detailed when they happen. Not just little things, but now parts of
the day that are big. Like when I wrestled Sean when everyone was
with us. Hit's me hard now. Everything I saw was in it. The trees,
signs,cars,people, everything. God knows what will happen next.

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