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2001-07-11 00:44:06 (UTC)

some stuff i wrote

i see you through a window i cannot penatrate
i see your breath, i hear your song
i see your face, i taste your tears
i want to take your pain into me,
and cosume you untill you flow in my veins
i want to reach out to you but the window is cold.
now shatter this glass, or shatter this breaking heart
cut me open with the pieces and watch my dreams spill
red on the floor

my angel doesnt know he is an angel
he is my definition of life and why i live each day
his deep eyes fill my pit of a soul and his faint glow is
so soft
my angel comes to me with the dawn and rises the moon with
his love
he doesnt know that he is my angel
and that he is sent from up above

my conscience disapates when we are together
you have spun me in your web and intoxicatedme with your
dep inside myself i want to break ree and loose control
i want to be there with mself, doing the things im doing
i pinch myself but i am too numb
its too late you ahve left my side
someone else is asleep it is all clear
empty nausea waves through me
i want to fall into your sleep again just to wake up

dont hate- i know they suck

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