Cute Chaos

2002-08-11 01:15:10 (UTC)

Vin Diesel

Last night I watched The Fast and The Furious for the first
time. When I got done with the movie I had a such a
adrenaline rush I could not fall asleep. Now today we went
to see Triple X! Vin Diesel is HOT! Yummy... Brings a new
meaning to edible! What more needs to be said.

I got up this morning to find out that the first showing of
Triple X was at 11:05. I got out of the shower to late to
go to the movie. So we decided to go tomorrow. I hung out
at Wally's house and played some Halo. Mike picked a level
that he could kick some ass at. I just give up. I don't
even try to fight back. I usually end the game with about 6
kills when the frag limit is 25. That is bad! Wally had to
go to work for 2-4 for orientation.

I helped my dad run some errands and cleaned a little.

Wally got home at about 5:45. Because I did not have to
baby sit tonight we decided to go see the 6:30 showing of
Triple X. Chris could not come because he was going
swimming with his dad at a friends house. Wally and I got
skittles in a cup! We sat in the "Make-out" seats, although
nothing happened. The movie kicked ass. As we were walking
in to the movie I kept talking about how I would totally do
him(Although, I know I'll never get that chance!). These
guy in front of us turned around and gave me a really funky
look. I had to laugh. Then they stole my seat. So I jumped
over the seats and sat a row down. Some of the previews
looked really good, but I want to see this movie called The
Core. It looks so good. I can't wait for it to come out.
Triple X is MOST DEFINITALY the action flick of the summer!
Not only were the stunts good but the plot line was great
too. Everyone has to go see it. It is awesome! When the
movie was over we played some snow boarding video game. It
was cool. I totally kick Wally's ass, and I won! When we
got back we sat outside and talked for a little bit.

I noticed Rusty was outside doing something. It took a
little bit of convincing but I finally got Wally to go over
with me. I busted him about so many things. First we were
talking about his date tomorrow with some chick from the
internet and he said "You have to be cute to date this!"
Then later on he said "Oh, but looks don't matter to me."
It was so funny. The stupid look on his face. Like I did
not pay attention. Wally was not saying much, and after a
while he left because of bugs. I feel kind of bad because I
dragged him over there, but I have not talked with Rusty in
a while and wanted to see him. I play the plane game when
ever I am outside. A habit I picked up a few years ago.
Although it stuck because a boy I liked said he would give
me a kiss for every plane I saw so that I was be occupied
doing something else. So now I just call them. I explained
this to Rusty and he laughs every time I call a plane. Well
last night I don't know if he was just doing it for fun or
really wanted a kiss, but he got so pissed off he walked
out into the street and found a plane. It was funny. I was
getting and he went and got me his hunting jacket to wear.
It was so sweet. We talked about a lot of stuff. He quit
with he stuck up, self centered, "I am the best" attitude
and talked with me. I asked him why he ditched me at
Homecoming. He said he did not remember, but that it was
the worst thing he ever did to someone. Then he asked me
how he could make up for it, and back out to Homecoming.
It was a really good conversation. It made me look at him
and think that I could really fall for a boy like him. He
is outgoing and fun to be around, funny and when I was
alone with him last night he was so sweet. I don't know if
I should let myself do that though. I know that he is out
to get a piece of ass, but when he acts like he did last
night, it makes me just melt! I was out until about 11:30
and decided it was time to go home. One of his friends
called for him too, I did not want to keep him for his
plans. He gave me a hug good night, then escorted me home,
and gave me another hug. He smelled so delicious. I wanted
to like cuddle up next to him and just fall asleep so I
could smell him. I think that is the sexiest thing, when a
guy smells good. It makes me want to get close to them. I
probably would have kissed him good night too but I had
been eating skittles all night and had no gum! I was able
to get in the house with out anyone noticing too. So I did
not get in trouble for being out past curfew!