Livie's Mind
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2001-07-11 00:36:44 (UTC)

ĉMy Close Encounterĉ

Dear Diary,

I'm here now to write about my VERY close encounter
with sex.It nearly changed my life,but I'm glad it didn't.
It was on June 20th, 2001. I was going camping with my
friend Deanna and her dad for a weekend. She wanted to
invite a couple of boy friends so she could make-out with
and screw one of them. The other was for me to make-out
with and screw.
At first, I really didn't want to because I was
nervous-- what if he didn't like me? what if he thought i
sucked at kissing? what if my parents found out? -- she
finally talked me into it. She got me thinking really
naughty and I started making plans. I planned to give him
head on the way there, then we were going to make out for a
while. I was kind of excited, but then Deanna called and
told me that they couldn't come because they couldn't get a
ride from New Hampshire. I was kind of bummed out yet more
relieved. The weekend went great anyway.
That is my story of my near sexual encounter.

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