can I speak?
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2002-08-11 00:03:34 (UTC)

what the?

Things are getting weird around here. First of all, this
one guy that has been hitting on my very best friend in the
whole wide world (and appearing quite geniune about his
feeling towards her "to" her) has been hinting around (when
she is not around) and flirting with me. Today was the day
he was point blank about it. I absolutely will NOT do this,
I am still in mourning about scott. (who hasn't bothered to
contact me.... asshole) anyway, I am not attracted
physically or whatever to this guy. I just don't have it in
me for anyone 'new'. I have a b/f. I care about very much.
We have been together for almost 5 years. Yes, it has
fallen into a routine like relationship.. and I'm not sure
I want to stay in this relationship 'forever'. I am sure I
do not want to marry him or anything like that. I don't
plan on marrying 'anybody' at all. Marriage is not for me.
Been there done that. All I want is to be really happy. I
want a perfect world.
(yeah like that is going to happen)
I guess I'm as happy as I can be right now. I don't want
for anything emotionally. Physically it's ok. I want a
better job. One that I would look forward to going to
everyday. ... here I am at my age and I still don't know
what I want to be when I grow up.
I'm taking every day as it comes because what is the point
in looking into the future? who knows what the future will
bring. I just want everyone close to me to be happy and
there are some things I just can't control. I just have to
be content with what I can control. .. yeah right if that's
ever going to happen! hahahahah!!

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