Mysterious Attitude
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2002-08-10 23:27:26 (UTC)

Chat me and Paul had

Helena: ok... well Paul... i hope everything goes better
for u... take care... much love...
Paul: w/e im shootin my self cause life sucks
Helena: what's so bad about your life???
Paul: every thing
Helena: like what....
Paul: dont worrie
Helena: well i am

Helena: rather u know it or not.... i do care for u
Paul: no dont cutter
Helena: thats why im so upset now
Paul: k
Helena: so tell me... what's going on.... i don't want to
see u dead
Paul: no
Helena: why not?
Helena: why won't u open up to me... i'll do anything u
want me to help...
Paul: cause
Helena: cuz why?
Paul: i dont want to
Helena: but why?
Helena: are u afraid that i will turn on u?
Helena: i mean damn.... i know life sucks..... i'll be tha
first person to admit that.... but i can make things better
if u start trustin someone
Helena: i'm just like u... so i understand where your
coming from...
Helena: plz answer me...
Paul: what
Helena: see there u go again... pushing me away
Helena: i'm tryin so damn hard to get u to trust me and to
be there for u... but u don't want me to...
Paul: ut yea
Helena: i'm startin to become so worried over u... but i
can't do anything
Helena: i could come out there.... but u will just not
answer the door... if i called... u probably wouldn't
answer the phone...
Helena: u there?
Paul: no
Helena: sweetie... plz tell me what's wrong... why are u
so depressed and full of anger all of a sudden?
Paul: cause i can be
Helena: that's not a reason
Helena: plz.... stop pushing me away
Helena: what can i do to make u tell me whats wrong?
Helena: talk to me.... otherwise i'm going to walk over
Paul: nonono it raining and i wont be here
Helena: where are u going to be?
Paul: work
Helena: and the rain don't bother me... your more
important to me then me gettin wet
Paul: no u stay their im going to work
Helena: i thought u wasn't goin to work until monday?
Paul: im going withm y gpa
Helena: out of no where?
Helena: u dont like to go wit your gramps
Paul: he just called
Paul: im geting outa here so ill go
Helena: wait.... when are u leavin?
Helena: like right now/
Helena: ?
Paul: in the moring at 7
Helena: what time will u be home??
Paul: in 2 days y
Helena: don't worrie
Paul: i am tell me
Helena: don't worrie... it's nothing bad
Helena: hey.... can i call u??
Paul: nio
Helena: why not?
Paul: cause my sis has the phone
Helena: ok....... how about when she gets off then?
Paul: im going to be gone
Helena: u said 7 its only 2 sumthin now
Paul: im going to fill his truck up and hook up to hios
tralor and shit
Helena: oh
Helena: can u do me a big favor then??
Paul: what
Helena: page me when u have a chance.... so i know your
okay??? before u leave... and when u get home
Paul: y
Helena: so i won't be worried about u
Paul: find a gf
Helena: i don't want to find a gf or a bf
Helena: when i like sumone i do for a while.. it just dont
come and go..... there is no way i could get wit anyone for
a long time now
Helena: but whatever... i'll let u go... your still not
listenin to me... u don't realize that i care for u... and
i don't think u ever will... no matter what i try to say...
it don't work.... so like i said before im just goin to go
to my room and cry... cuz there isn't anything else i can
do... i just give up
Paul: go to bed and cut your self some more i know that
what r u going ot do anyways
Helena: no your wrong about that
Helena: why cut myself anymore over u? it's not even worth
it anymore... i keep thinking that u did care about me...
but as i keep talking to u i realize that u don't

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