Mysterious Attitude
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2002-08-10 23:23:14 (UTC)

my chat with matt

Matt: see i dont care if we mess around the first time we
meet as long as i get to know more about u
Helena: like what would u like to know?
Helena: ???
Matt: anything u want me to know
Helena: ummmm..... i'll tell u anything u would like to
Matt: tell me anything u want me to know and i'll tell u
anything i want u to know
Helena: oh wow.....
Matt: it can be personal, sexual anything
Helena: umm.... let me see.... i haven't had a
serious boyfriend, I'm BI-curious *i've only kissed a
gurl*, i had ALL Leukemia when i was 2...*blood cancer* but
I'm over it now, my father left when i was in 3 grade...
seen him maybe twice after that i haven't seen him for 3
years now, I have an older half-sister who is 18 and has 2
Matt: ok
Helena: i've kissed 5 people... my first kiss being when i
was 12 in a van with one of my exes *we kissed after we
broke up*, the second kiss was at 5 am in tha mournin wit a
friend of mine, the 3rd my step cousin *not real blood*, my
fourth wit my ex, and tha 5th wit my best gurlfriend
Helena: all tha guys i've ever been out wit have been over
Matt: damn
Matt: over 18????
Helena: yes over 18
Matt: cool
Helena: my first kiss was 22, tha second 21, tha 3rd (my
half cousin... ) he's goin to be 18, and my ex is goin to
be 20
Matt: ok i can tell u go for the older guys
Helena: well step cousin.... like i said he isn't
blood.... he was the first boy i frenched kissed, almost
had sex wit, and went down on i've knew him since i was
5... and he's like my best friend.... he has an twin
brother... *i have pics of all my exes and step cousin*

Helena: yea u could say that
Matt: ok
Helena: if u wanna see their pics let me know and i will
send u all of them
Matt: no i'm good
Helena: lol okay
Matt: :-)
Helena: umm..... let's see.... all tha peeps i have gone
out wit... have basically been totally different in
everyway... i don't go for looks.... i go for what's on the
Matt: cool
Helena: all tha peeps i've kissed.... i've met offline
Matt: oh i'm screwed
Helena: wait.. i meant online
Helena: lol
Helena: sorry
Matt: ok
Helena: all but my best friend and Justin *my half cous*
Matt: ok
Helena: ummmmm i've always been bi-curious..... maybe cuz
all my best friends have mostly been gurls..... and one of
them my closest friend turned out to be bi as well
Matt: cool
Helena: ummm.... when my dad left... i became depressed..
and stayed like that for about 3 years... no one
noticed.... cuz i covered it up
Matt: well if i ever come out by ur house u can invite ur
Matt: i'm always depressed but i dont act like it
Helena: Until I told them....they took me to a
counselor ... and I was labeled as a manic depressant.....
they gave me meds to take but I refused to..... cuz i dont
want to get hooked to anything.... my real dad was a drug
addict.... that's why i don't want to do drugs... i don't
want to be like him he also drank a lot
Helena: yea..... that's how i am
Matt: ok
Helena: umm.... about a year ago... a friend told me
about "cutting" so i was like okay let me try this.... i
first tired it wit a tack, and sum other little stuff...
then i found a knife.... so i started to cut my thighs.....
i didn't want scars but now i have them... and tha other
day i actually cut my wrist... i already had a cut there
from a cat so i went over it
Helena: ummm... i was in a mental hospital for kids for
half a day cuz my aunt talked me into going..... i was
havin thoughts of killin myself..... so i had my mom sign
me in... i hated it in there...... so i had her sign me
Matt: ok i'm offically scared
Helena: lol why?
Matt: i dunno
Helena: no tell me.... there has to be a reason
Matt: nope
Matt: i just like saying that
Helena: lol ok
Helena: umm..... don't be scared of me.... i don't believe
in hurtin other people.... i just cut myself
Matt: please dont cut urself
Helena: lately..... i've been havin mood swings and stuff
but im tryin to control them... u should've read all about
this in the email i sent u.... i've been trying
not to sweetie... but i've been havin problems lately... so
i did it... it's soo addicting but im tryin to stop.. i'm a
lot better now then i used to be
Matt: ok
Helena: ok.....
Helena: k... what else do u wanna know?
Matt: it doesnt matter
Helena: as u can see..... i'm a very open person as well
lol :) i started to masterbate when i was 8.... it
happened by accident... i thought it felt good and kept
doing it
Matt: i started jerking off when i was 7
Helena: damn
Matt: the first time i did it , it burned
Helena: my mom caught me doin it when i was nine.... and
she freaked out said i was goin to hurt myself and wanted
to take me to the hospital... she had no idea what i was
doin lol
Matt: lol
Helena: but anyway..... ur turn sweetie :) :) i've
talked enough
Helena: it burned?
Matt: yea
Helena: lol...... that's new
Matt: cuz i wasnt use to it yet
Helena: i guess so
Matt: um......... i never tried killing myself, i fingered
a girl during my biology class, i jerk off everyday, i'm
kind of fat, my dad isnt working yet
Helena: during biology class? lol
Matt: yea there was a sub in the class
Matt: she was holding the moaning to a little moan
Helena: but damn.... how did u do it without gettin
Matt: easy
Helena: describe
Matt: there r regulat chairs and tables we were working as
Helena: oh yea really good partners
Matt: lol
Helena: what kind of pants did she have on?
Matt: skirt
Helena: and what made u do it?
Helena: oh.... i got it now
Matt: and we always had a crush on each other
Helena: yea i guess so
Matt: so the teacher left the room and i made the move
Helena: lol..... but damn at school where everyone can see
Helena: what did u do... just start rubbin on her?
Matt: yea i was rubbing her legs first then she took my
hand and placed it on her pussy
Helena: damn
Helena: i guess she was already wet
Matt: nope
Matt: she was dry but at the end of the class she was wet
Helena: yea i bet she was
Helena: k keep tellin me stuff
Matt: um..... i have never been kissed
Matt: i only had one real g/f but she always avoided the
Matt: i think she gives her 8 yr. old brother head
Helena: oh
Helena: damn
Helena: u haven't been kissed?
Matt: nope
Helena: wow
Matt: i had my dick sucked once and i had 4 hand jobs
Helena: by how many different gurls?
Matt: 4
Helena: damn
Matt: yup
Helena: keep going
Matt: whatelse is there?
Matt: oh i have something else
Matt: when i was like 4 i kind fingered my sister
Helena: kind of?
Matt: yea
Helena: wait..... lol tell me how that happened
Matt: i seriously dont know
Matt: i forgot
Helena: did she tell u?
Matt: yea
Helena: and she let u?
Matt: no
Matt: she hit me
Helena: lol
Matt: i've fingered my teacher
Helena: omg u were sexual when u were
young....... are u playin?
Matt: the teacher thing was last year
Helena: omg
Helena: wow
Helena: where did u do that at? and how did that happen?
Helena: lol sorry im a nosy person
Matt: school i needed to pass the class
Helena: lol did u?
Helena: and how in the hell did u get aways wit it?
Matt: hell yea
Helena: with an A ?
Matt: i got an a
Helena: lol