Jess's Journal
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2002-08-10 20:49:18 (UTC)

my turd

well guess what..i talked to my hun again today..always
good.. can never not have a good day when i talk to that
boy. :) ..that's one of the things i love about him. i
could go on and on about all the little and big things i
love about him but as long as i know, it's all good. but
i'll just say the first five things. just so i can and
because i can.
1. makes me smile- even when i felt like crying or was.
2. knows just what to say- he's the sweetest thing.
3. one word- monkey
4. he cares- my protector- he said he was..i didn't ask
5. the fact he loves me
and he's funny, nice, awesome..and he's my turd. that's
more than five but oh well. would i leave him for someone
else...never...would he..i dunno but he deserves the best.
he deserves to be as happy as he makes me. and i plan on
making it up to him..for as long as it takes..even if it
takes forever.