A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-08-10 20:39:06 (UTC)


I'm just chatting with Justin online.. and I realized I
forgot to write about the second time I've seen him..
considering he's after a third for tonight.

Anyways.. it happened probably about a month ago or so. I
think it was even before Ian or after Ian. Before though I

Anyways.. it was nighttime.. he decided he wanted to come
over for some major forced oral.. as well as to "maul" my
tits. I felt up for it. He came over and got to the door
and decided he didn't wanna do it. I had porn playing in
the bedroom and he asked if he could come in for a minute..
i said sure.. and before we knew i was sucking. several
different positions. he had me lick his ass abit. I
wasn't totally into it... he kinda smelled bad down there..
not like shit or anything.. more like sweat or something.
I don't know. He decided then that I wasn't gonna see him
again. And now that I'm talking to him. I think i might
wanna see him again. Who knows I'll decide later.

He wants me to fuck myself for him. Maybe. In the dark.
Maybe. We'll see.