Thoughts from Blue Angel
2002-08-10 20:28:28 (UTC)

Why is He So Frustrating?

Phil and I have decided to keep seeing each other after I
leave for school. He really is the greatest guy. I've
gotten so much more comfortable with him over the past
week. I can tell that he really adores me, and I really
like him... I have doubts, but there is just too much
potential here to ruin the relationship over them. I think
maybe I'm just not comfortable with having a boyfriend
other than Tyler, but I can't spend the rest of my life
waiting for him. I mean, I've been treated like shit by so
many guys, and I finally have someone who treats me better
than anyone ever has. It would be stupid of me to reject

Ironically, Tyler is reeling with jealousy. He e-mailed me
a three-page letter apologizing for an argument we got into
Wednesday morning. He makes me want to scream. Why is he
doing this? He has always known that all he has to do is
ask, and I'll be with him. He doesn't want me. So why is
he jealous? Why in the hell would you be jealous of
someone who has something that you know you could have at
any time?

Anyway, he lost his chance. I plan on putting everything
I've got into my new relationship with Phil, because
anything less would be unfair to him.