Elizabeth Johnson

Beth's Thoughts
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2001-07-10 23:34:40 (UTC)


Well, it's been awhile! School is out. I'll be a big bad
Junior this August! Doo-doo-doo-doo!! Chris and I are still
seeing each other. It'll be 8 months this month. It's been
great! I am working at Tastee Treat now. It's okay I guess.
It's work so how much fun can work be?! I make pretty good
money waitressing but it ain't something that I'll do
forever that's for sure! Samantha is getting big. She's
crawling and has a tooth soon to be two. She's starting to
pull herself up on her feet by herself. Kinda scary. She
makes me feel old! Tessa's dad (John) had an emergency
apendectomy last night. The last I heard he's okay. He had
kidney failure not too long ago and is on dialisis. He's
had it rough the last couple weeks. Florida was great. Long
but great. I got sun burnt really bad though. It might
scar. That'll suck if it does. Well, I must be off. Goin to
go call Chris. Bye!