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2001-07-10 23:10:09 (UTC)

11/07/01 - 9:04AM

Someone left me this message

twin rivers walk beside me in this land of weeds i can feel
your heart beat ma'am

Thankyou, whoever it was!

I had some "news" last night. My mum's ex boyfriend died a
few months ago. It feels weird, I barely knew him and
didn't like him much, but a life I once knew has been
extinguished. He was only around 50, and died of a heart
attack. I think about his life, and how little he achieved
with it, not even a small amount of happiness. He sat on
his ass and drank wine and smoked while sponging off
others. Before being kicked out and looking for another
place to sponge... I can only hope I can mean more to
people than that before I die.

On another topic, it is only 3 more days til I head back up
to the ol' country for a 21st. I should see a few people I
have not seen in up to 8 years, people who used to be the
best friends in the world to me.

And one particularly special person I hope... even though I
should be hoping not... *sigh* I am a nutcase...

Well it is a Wednesday morning at work and as usual I have
achieved nothing yet except read emails and updated this
here diary... *sigh* I need to get a move on. Boss is here


My Mind Not Only Wanders, It Sometimes Leaves Completely