Cute Chaos

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2002-08-10 18:59:00 (UTC)


I woke up really late again this morning. I talked with
Amber for about and hour. Mike wanted to take me home right
away so that he could come back and feed the kids. I
thought that I need to be home tonight to watch Janine’s
kids but it turns out that she needs me for tomorrow night.
I told her that I might be going to State Fair and did not
know what was going on. She found another baby-sitter. She
won't be needing me at all. It feels so good to be home. I
just felt so weird over there.

After a while of figuring out what to do, because it was 2
in the afternoon. I went over to Wally's. We went swimming
at PL again. This time we took Mike. We horsed around, but
Mike took things to seriously. It was fun. Although, there
was something bothering Wally. He would not tell me what
was wrong. He tried to lie about it, but that does not get
him to far with me. He can't lie. After a while we just
started to horse around. He rocked bottomed me right on
shore and I cut my elbow on some rocks. Then he kicked me
in the knee and gave me a bruise. I so lost like 2 to
25000! I will learn how to kick his butt. WE stopped at
McyD's again. I paid for MikeyO to eat. Wally did not want
anything. I bought him a shake though. Ice cream always
cheers me up so I got him one. I was just going to share it
with him but I kind of wanted my own. So I asked Chris to
go back in and get me one because I had already taken off
my skirt. Chris gave me a really weird look then Wally just
got up and got it for me. I did not want him to get it but
he did.

When we got home I still was asking Wally what was wrong. I
did not want him to be upset anymore so I asked him to go
play catch with me. He seemed pretty pissed. We went up to
the school. He must have got into a better mood because we
played catch, and horsed around and stuff. We talked a lot
about different things. It was fun. I called like every
plane in the sky. He had like 2. He had to find one plane
to win the game, it took him well over a half an hour to
find it. When it started to get dark we walked down to the
lake so that I could skip a rock that I found. We sat
outside and watched the stars. I had to go in pretty early
though because of my dad and is stupid curfew rules.

I found out what was wrong with Wally. We were talking and
I really wanted to know. So I started to guess. I guess
along the lines of what was wrong. He would not fill me in
on anything. Then I found out in his journal that he thinks
he is falling in love with me. I don't know what I feel or
even what to do. I am just being me. What else am I
supposed to do?