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2002-08-10 17:18:01 (UTC)


I like because unlike dead journal, the site always works.
LoL. I haven't written in a long time, sorry. I went back
to deadjournal for awhile and started writing more in the
one I had and even got another one that knowone knows about
so I really get personal with it. I don't mind the entire
world reading what goes on, as long as they can't interfere
with my life. For instance, I don't care if anyone knows,
as long as they don't know me. Jordan and I have gotten
close but it's not going anywhere. At all. We hardly ever
go anywhere except my house, and when I get caught with him
in my room at 2 in the morning that will end. The only
place we ever go is the studio and I'm hardly allowed to be
there. My tolerance for pot has gone up a lot. Last night I
smoked like a semi-big bowl by myself and that used to get
me blown. It hardly gave me a buzz. School is starting soon
and I really need to cut back a lot. For the past week I
have smoked every night before I went to bed. The only
night I didn't, Jordan came over and smoked with me. I hope
Drew doesn't think I am a spaz. Drew is Jordan's friend
that I took care of when he was drunk. Ugh. And then there
is Eric.. I don't know if he has this diary or not, but i
don't think so. Anyways, we have gotten kinda close but I
feel like such a bad person around him. He's like
healthy... He doesn't drink pop, or alcohol, he doesn't
smoke at all, and he hates people that do, but he doesn't
hate me. It's really confusing. I mean I don't do any of it
around him which prolly helps but he still hates the fact
that I do it. I'm dating two guys i said that I'd never
date. Jordan, a sexy pothead alcoholic that does stuff I
dont agree with, and Eric, a senior Perkins football
player. *confusion*

{End of Entry, feeling blah}

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