i dont like breakfast
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2002-08-10 16:38:21 (UTC)

aight playa jones

yesterday - chilled at home and cleaned. burned some cds
for my brother. went golfing with my dad. then i went to
janines with krystina.i was so hungry when i was there. i
ate like nothing the whole day. i was horrible.

woke up today at 11. krystina called her dad and joe picked
us up. i went home. watched tv. showered in frezing cold
water because i was too lazy to ask my dad why it was so
cold. i need to eat something. krystinas at work and i told
her me and vi would go visit her ;)

i want someone to like me so bad. its gotten to the point
where im jealous of people on tv when they have someone to
hold and such. and thats just pitiful. sigh

im going to go visit my beautiful krystina now. ;) i miss
her. were suppose to go to babylon tonite. i cant wait to
see US and GD haha...