Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
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2001-07-10 21:45:14 (UTC)

Dorm Life

I wasn't ready to go away for 5 weeks this summer. I was
scared shitless to be honest. But i did it...i packed up,
and i left for an almost 5 hour drive down to Ohio
University. I was afraid about my roommate, i kept
thinking..."she's going to turn out to be some southern
weirdo who has no life." My mom told me not to be mean and
prejudge. But I was RIGHT. I arrived at 10:30am at the
dorm. I walked into the room and there was my nightmare.
She, her brother, father, and mother were the picture of
the southern family i feared. This girl was definetly going
to be weird i thought. She had brought like movies galore
and 3 stuffed animals (which i have no problem with
them...i brought one...but come on...3 is over doing it).
Anyhoo...these past 3 1/2 weeks have been an interesting
experience. I'll describe her. Shes kinda short, a little
(well a lot) on the robust side (which i dont care...but it
will have a point in part of my story), and just kinda
homely looking. She never leaves the room. She's always in
here on the computer, watching a movie, or sleeping. IF she
does leave, its for a seminar or for class. Nobody really
knows who she is...just "the girl who never leaves her
room". We tried getting her out, but i think one of the
boys, Kenny, scared her. I mean...who wouldnt be afraid of
him. Hehe..j/k:) But Anyways, she calls home ATLEAST 5
times a day. Understandable if she's home sick (shes only
like 15 or 16), but i am a little home sick too, but i only
call 2 times. (unless im bored, then i call to bother my
mom). But anyways...here's the freaky weird part of my
story. I feared my roommate would be some weird
psycho...yea she is. I SWEAR!! Just recently i was being
nosey. Im sorry but i couldnt help it. She was at class and
i came back from mine and went on the computer. Her email
was sitting on the screen still and all i saw was "Hi my
luv". NOW...if you saw that, and you were in my
place...youd read it too. So i did. It said:

Hi luv
I could never leave you for someone else especially
some american boy. I never dated an american boy that
loved me fo me but just wanted my body and to get me
into bed. I luv you and i want to be with you no one
else. The only way i would leave you is if i died but
that won't happen anytime soon. I pray to God you
won't leave me. I am afraid you will meet a beautiful
girl from your country and forget me. I love you so

Now...She never leaves the room, trust me. AND if SHE has a
beautiful body, then I must be Jessica Simpson. WEIRD!!!
Now i know why she spends her time in the room. She's
talking to her sweet Rahul. And so i scrolled down a little
more on her thing...being nosey again...and i saw her
writing another that was like cybersex. Seriously, her
talking about taking off her clothes and such. OH DAMN
HORRIBLE GROSS!!! WHY?!?! Why must i live with the psycho.
Everyone else gets good roomates where they LEAVE the room.
I never get to be by myself.
Other than my roommate...life here is good. But oh
jeebus...i was so grossed out. I felt bad for reading it
(for me and her) but if everyone told me if they saw that
they would have done it too. AHHHHHHH. THANK GOD i only
have 8 days left here. Then i can go to my own bed, my own
shower...my own computer, with no Rahul. :Þ~