The Black Hole
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2001-07-10 21:35:05 (UTC)

Life is strange

Hmmmm MSN will NOT work. I have been trying to lofg on now
for about 8 years. Its so crazy! ARG!

Well...I'm back at my dads. The boring Hell tht never ends.

When I got back to my moms Abby,Lisa,Erin and I walked on
the board walk that was very nice and fun. SOmetimes you
just have to go out and do something for yourself instead of
others. The next day Justin called me and so Justin, Shawbn
and I met for the first time. GOd! It was so much fun! We
talked and goofed around. We walked the boardwalk and a big
frater boat came through the river. It was so COOL!

I had and interview the next day at Prevoes. They were not
hiring but they hired me abyway! Yea!! Anyway...the very
next day I had oriantation then the nextday was my first day
of work! GOd I love it! I ahve worked 15 hours so far. ONe
nioght in the week that I was gone, Abby spent the night.
We were at the park till 10:30 sitting on swings talking.
GOd I love that girl. ANother night I went to the Beer tent
for a Teen dance and got freaky with Donny and Ross. It was
a BLAST! I played tennis with Abby once and once with my
sister. WOw okay yeah.

ABOUT is the best. The work is not deafly
difficukt and I enjoy it. The first day I was trasined by
CHase. He is so HOT. He lives in a town next to mine and
is a senior. He plays the drums in band class and had my
grandpa for a drivers training teacher. I love that kid!
He asked me if I was single and we talked a lot. The next
day I was trained by WADE. I know him from school. He is
someone I would never hang out with but it turns out hebis
soooo nice and fun to be with. He did'nt really train me or
anything becasue the store was VERY busy that day. My name
tag fell off and he put it on himself and then I was putting
ketchuo(my favorite thing) in a bag and he grabbed my hand.
He came over for lunch on our break and it was fun! We
share a locker even! MAN! okay anyways lil pete works
there but hav'nt talked to him much. Alls I know is that I
want CHASE BAD. But I think he has a girlfriend(DAMN!)
andyway yeah. I enjoy talking to the customers and bagging
there grocieries.LOL Mary even came and visited me! Wow
okay enouph about that.

Oh yeah on the 4th I went to the beach to watch the
fireworks with Mary abby and Melissa we had a camp fire and
roasted marshmellos and hotdogs and had like sparklers and
stuff. It was FUN!!

I feel Floyd deprived. I have'nt gotten to speak to him in
like 9 years. He makes me feel good and he understanndsme.
GOd I love him!