Mysterious Attitude
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2001-07-10 21:16:10 (UTC)

Monday July 9 & Tuesday July 10,2001

*Wearing: Blue jeans that have a design on the legs and my
white and purple Gary shirt
*Jewelry: My nugget ring,my cross ring, my 2 bracelets, my
cross neckless, and my dragon neckless that Justin gave me
*Hair: Down bangs held back by a headband thing
*Listenin to : O-Town... Liquid Dreams
*Song of the day : Liquid Dreams-O-Town
*Weather: Sunng and hot
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: Happy... but last night I was sorta depressed
*Thinking: Hehe... I really like Adrian

~~~Sunday night... after the last time I wrote~~~

Well Adrian called me.. we talked till like 1am.. we had phone sex
tho... hehe I started it I think... what can I say.. I couldn't help
it... and we hung up not to long after we talked :)

~~~Monday July 9,2001~~~

Today was an intresting day... I woke up to the sound of Adrian's
voice on the phone.... we talked for a lil while.. and he told me how
he might get a job.. I was soo happy for him!! We hung up at like...
12pm cuz he doesn't have to phone lines.. and he was waiting for the
place to call him.... So after we hung up... I got ready.. and me and
mom went out riding... and we ate at this resturant.... it was fun
cuz me and her were havin a good time laughing and stuff... she had
to cut her handburger cuz it was sooo big... lmao... I was like
checkin out this guy that was workin there.. hehe U know it was sum
good mother dauther time... then we came home... and we got into a
fight over who was goin to get on the computer... well she won it..
I ended up gettin totally pissed off... and I went into gram's
bedroom and read sum of the stories out of the book "Chicken Soup"
hehe thats a really good book!!! My mom fianlly got offline at like
7pm I think... and I got on to see that John had emailed me back...
after all this time... I found out that he got into a car addicent..
and he broke his arm and his leg :( Well Kelly also was online.. so
my mom was like bothering me tellin me that Kelly is John and all
this shit.. so I sorta went off on her...
Later that night John and Kelly were both on... so I was like yay
hehe Kelly isn't John... but not to long after I was talkin to both
of them.. me and my mom got into another fight... she thought that
John was talkin dirty to me.. and thats why I wouldn't let her see
what he wrote to me... and I tell u.. she couldn't be no wronger...
he wasn't talkin dirty to me at all.... but ohh well let her think
what she want's to... all he was sayin was that he loved me and that
he missed me sooo much... I signed offline...cuz she was yellin at
me soo badly... and we got into it.. I ended up crying... it was
horrible :( I wanted to die so bad.. all I wanted to do was cut
myself till all my blood ran out of my body.. thats how bad she made
me feel :( When she left to take David to work.... I got online to
see if John was still on but he wasn't... Kelly was tho.. and I told
her what happenend... she made me feel a lot better... :) I'm so glad
I have friends that are there for me... anywho... when my mom came
home.. I signed off.. and went to gram's house to lay down... well at
like 11:30pm my pager went off... and it was Adrian sayin that he
just got home from work.... and that he really wanted to talk to
me... So I called him up.. and we talked for a while... we also had
phone sex again.... hehe what can I say... lol I let him go at
like... 12:20am cuz I know he was tired.. and he had to go to work at
3pm the next day.. I then put on my O-Town cd.. and feel to
sleep... :) :) Hehe what a day huh?¿

~~~Today Tuesday July 10,2001~~~

Omg today was such a good day.. well at least so far!!! Adrian
called me up at like 10:30am... and he had asked if my mom could take
him to work at 3... I was like I dunno I have to ask her if she can
when she gets home.. he was like aight cool... and we keep talkin
until like... 12:30... I had to go then.. cuz my mom had told my
uncle to tell me to get ready... so I got off the phone with him..
took my shower and got ready... when my mom got here I asked her if
she could take Adrian to work... she was like ok sure...So I ran
upstairs to call him.. and tell him she said that she would... but
his line was busy =-/ I kept tryin for a lil while.. then I gave
up.... well right before we left... he paged me..and I told him that
my mom would take him.. and asked him what time he wanted us to come
by.. he was like I dunno.. so I go would 2:30 be ok... he was like
yeah.. but then I had said that we were goin to Wal-Mart.. he was
like ohh really... how bout u ask your mom to wait till I get ready
so I could go with u guys.. I was like ok.. and I asked my mom and
she goes ok.. whatever... so by then it was 1:00... so we (my
mom,David, and I) stopped to get me sumthing to eat before we picked
him up.
We pulled up to his house at 1:30 I think it was.. and he got into
the car...hehe I could tell he was sorta nevous... but not as bad as
he was the first time he met me... I was talkin to him... and I had
asked David for sum money... Then we all headed to Wal-Mart... hehe
it was nice to walk around the store with Adrian... cuz my mom was
like u 2 go and look around.... I was talkin to him and stuff... and
I ended up buying the second book to the Chicken Book series.. and I
got a camera... after we left the store I took a picture of
Adrian...and David had asked Adrian if he was hungry... Adrian was
like.. ummm sorta... so we stopped at Burger King.. and David got him
sumthing to eat... hehe Adrian ate.. and then we dropped him off at
work.... he said thank u for the food... and he told me he would call
me later tonight... then he started to walk into where he works... my
mom was like u didn't hug him or anything....lol so I was like ok..
and I got out of the car and yelled for Adrian...and I went up to him
and hugged him :) :) Hehe then we left... went to the Indian store so
David could get sum of his food... and then we came home....I got
online... talked to John a lil bit... hehe and I'm still talkin to
him... he is tellin me how his nurse is freakin him out... lol I feel
so bad for him... cuz I think she likes him.... lol but anyway.... I
guess that is all ... so I will go.... I'm sooooooooo tired of
typin...bye bye 4 now...

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