My Life Is A Damn Worm-Hole
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2001-07-10 20:39:28 (UTC)

Another Crappy Day (As Usual)

Well howdy all
Day two of my online diary and yet another crappy day in my
own personal worm hole. Fell off my bike yesterday and
fucked my ankle shit now i cant even work Crappy Jobs. Why
is my life so shit? Why cant I get a break? I really need
some help before I completly lose my already fucked up

I have so many mixed up emotions in my head and I dont know
where to begin with sorting them out. I know maybe another
Southern Comfort will help or maybe just numb the pain hmm
that works.

Hey you out there. Yes YOU well you are reading my diary.
What must you be thinking about me then hmmm lets see. Wow
this chick is well fucked up in the head or Poor bitch you
could do with a break. Which ever you are thinking of you
would be right on both.

Well now im really depressed now no im not really that bad
I just really want a decent job I know the right job is out
there I just wish it would show itself.

OK im gonna go before I start to bore myself. This is me
signing off.

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